The process of experiment ignites the development of Mirres work; where conversation between the material and her begins. What the material itself has to say, Mirre then shapes into how it will help her tell her story. It is in this process of experiment that Mirre is able to create an artwork that she wouldn’t have otherwise considered. There is no deep planning involved in the process of her work; rather it is a simple child-like play of experimenting and learning about different materials.

Mirre allows the object and form of her art to take on its own life. “As I wander about I am amazed at how I seemingly stumble across materials and ideas to use that hold a significant relevance to the things in my heart.”

Mirre finds freedom and growth in the balance of having an objective, in doing something towards it and letting go of controlling the material. The end product is unplanned and surprising as a result. Mirres tactile experience of the materials connects and resonates within her, drawing out what is within. The work, in one sense is about her relationship with the materials, whether it is a feather she has found, an old frame or transparent fabric, they become the starting point of her creative act.

The materials that Mirre uses in her artwork are important and are intrinsically connected to their meaning. “They have a subconscious connection to the theme I am working on. Often it isn’t until much later on in the creation of a piece that I realize how strongly they are helping to voice my story.”